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24 June 1989
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Stuff to know about Skunky:

---I am an obsessive writing-type crazy analyzing person to the point of losing interests in other more productive things like...sleep...eating...school...love interests, etc.

---I'm twenty-one. Which is one of those dreadful ages where nobody believes you're actually what you say you are. I'd love to stay twenty for a year on my license or such, and just skip straight to twenty-two. Ordinarily people upon seeing me assume I'm within the range of fourteen to seventeen. It makes things a bit more difficult as you can imagine. Were I to get a fake I.D., I'd be tempted to make it a high-school one, just to see what would happen...

---1 5P34K L337, j0! But anything else is probably pushing your luck. Large vocabulary in one language tends to cripple any efforts to learn others... And it's crippling indeed when you live in a primarily bilingual area.

---I don't believe in friends-only posts unless I'm showing pictures of myself or something too personal like that, so even if you're not on my friends list, feel free to say anything you'd like to anything I write. I also have a policy of allowing all anonymous comments, so you can be as much of a stranger as you like, but I welcome you no matter what you have to say. Friends-posts are quite rare. You're not exactly going to be missing a whole lot...

--I have three wonderful younger siblings who want to kill me. (But that's okay because they're not that good at it, and it's entertaining...)

My engineering!man little brother is the maintenance man equivalent of superman and dances to electronic accordion rock music while pressure-cleaning. When If I grow up, I want to be like him.

My other little brother is a Moderate-level Autistic kid who's dyslexic as well, leading him to have some very unusual traits for an Autistic kid, the key of which being a ridiculously funny sense of humor, and a rather fascinating side of "ham" to his personality. I likewise respect him. Nobody rolls with torment like that kid does. And considering he probably weighs all of eighty pounds at going-on-eighteen, you can see why he gets the lion's share of good-natured ribbing, and then revels in it by throwing himself down, and dramatically pretending to languish.

My little sister's blessed with both femininity and the family's looks, as well as math, robotics, and a side of programming. She also possesses neatness, and an ascetic side, the neatness of which I find a little...confusing and admirable as well. Also, it takes skill to remain attached-at-the-hip to your best friend even when your friend's in Iceland. There's something incredible in that was well. Something very sweet.

If at any given time, I mention my siblings, or my parents, you know why. I'm very attached to them. Very. I don't know any other family that'd be okay enough with their oldest child's claustrophilia to the point of actually building them a tiny enclosed room the size of a bed, and wiring it with electricity. Even if I might take the cake for strangeness out of all of them, at least on the visible level, and end up being the shining example of textblock and sticking one's foot in their mouth, I'd trust any of them. That seems to be unusual in most families.

---I read far too much for my own good, and I write far too much for my health, and...er...I'm mediocre at chess. (huh?) When exceedingly occupied or upset, I do art. Painting, murals, and small mannequin sculptures mostly.

---I say weird things. Frequently. It happens. *shrug* My vocabulary and cumbersome sentence structures tend to expand to "retired theologian" proportions when I'm tired in particular.

---I champion really small fandoms nobody's ever heard of. (Ie: Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion, Spiral: the Bonds of Reasoning, Nabari no Ou...etc. etc.) It's not to say I haven't followed more popular stuff, but typically I get more into the things nobody else knows about and scream about them at high volume, and frequently, then attempt to infect you with my curse. Brain games, and good character development are generally a must have, or at least, some strategic fun or some kind of underground war...

---In RP, I'm a specialist in minor characters, obscure fandoms, unrequiteds, and generally flesh things out that people aren't ready to see so lively and voluptuous. I prefer playing male characters because to me it's easier to see the appeal. that...and there aren't many female characters I particularly like to the point of wanting to play them on a regular basis.

---I sound like a ten year old girl on phones, and like a crazy semi-genderless individual who's trying to take over the world through excessive sentence length in my writing. Probably because I go off and wax poetic about how stupid feminine stuff is, and then turn around calling myself "skunky". Clearly I'm tremendously ladylike

---My idea of a really sentimental moving chick flick is something violent in which relational problems are solved with a chain saw, a sword, or possibly some chain mail in interesting places and an alien invasion or two. I mow lawns, I like science, I can wax poetic on the finer points of Ancient Middle eastern warfare (Ie: things like Egyptian Chariots versus Hittite ones), and I can grill like a champion while missing out on what one needs to do to actually bake without causing some sort of destruction to innocent pastries.

...Not really so feminine after all, but genetics seem to have gifted me in the area of bodily geography, so I spend most of my time fuming over it, and hiding my girly self in "gamer-who-just-raided-goodwill" style dress, while dissecting the fine points of some literary work or another.

---I am a decently accomodating asexual heteroromantic. (X/0 on the Kinsey Scale for those of you who're familiar with it.) Meaning I understand a good deal of romance's theory, but little to none of its practice. Left to myself, I literally will not notice someone's relative attractiveness, etc. That's just how I am. Though I can make double and single entendres with the best of them because that's just a matter of practice, and quick analysis. ^^
I understand for my part that sex is something which drives many people in some way or another, it just doesn't seem to have any effect on me in terms of appeal. I don't know why, I don't know how--it's just how I am. But chances are, if you're driven by it like a more normal person, even divulging your deepest darkest inner evil or kinkiness to me, won't faze me because it's all the same to me.
Small advantage.
This is something I have difficulty explaining to people, so I find being forthright helps. ^^

---I'm a practicing Christian--Presbyterian if it matters to you, and a Calvinist by most regards (hence the proliferation of religious jokes in my title and name) Despite this, you may occasionally see me do things which aren't exactly...kosher by the superficial stereotypes. I'll occasionally type in a swear or a cuss because of habit due to my fiction writing. Also, I've a good deal of flippancy towards sexual things in all regards because of aforementioned asexuality, so I can say some things which are very...bawdy.
Despite stereotypes to the contrary, Christians are human.
Also, despite stereotypes to the contrary, I don't have some list of severity of types of "sin". And there's a tremendous freedom in realizing that if everyone does sin, then you don't have to burden yourself fixing everyone.
Bent tools sometimes reach things the fully functioning ones can't.
It doesn't mean I won't help those I meet in any way I can. I just won't beat myself up or them up for not being "perfect and kosher". That's something that's a lifelong work even for practicing fervent Christians after all, even in their own personal lives--word and thought and deed.
Holding that the change is a gradual one, in the Christian allegory of being "salt and light", I find both to be equally useless if one just remains with other salt, unworked into the meat, preserving nothing, and the other just remains out in the daylight.
I'm proud of what I am, but I don't need other people to be like me to be proud of them, too. And even so, it's not like we can't talk without biting eachother's heads off

My interests include everything in my interest list and several others that you won't find due to being too wordy, but you get the point--I am a strange coot.

If you read this, you are overanalyzing. (Just say hi already. Before I blind you with library science~)


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Small notice that I am a cuddly do-gooding landmine of oddity.

quotes of notice (which should also give more people reason to want to stay FAR away--this could happen to or involve YOU!):

"Stage whispers butter no toast with a side of duck sauce"- Peter

"you look like someone smacked you in the head with a hammer while you were on weed." -Caitlin

"'you must have your knickers in a bunch'...what kind of idiot says
that? I mean at least he could be courteous and call me a dickhead or

" "I'm glad the battle city tournament is over and i've saved the world yet again" thought Yugi to himself as he was walking home to his grandfathers shop. "but I cant help thinking where I go from here. I mean I saved the world again from some evil holograms and cardboard but now I've got nothin' to do. Oh well, I'm sure some new evil will appear, it always does" "-Takusi (in 'look who thinks he's clever dan'--long before the days of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged, might I add...)

"How do I eat an Oreo? I chomp it to bits, then swallow. It goes through my digestive track and comes back into society in a year or so in the form of an apple."-Reisa

"A good computer's the one you throw out the window!"-Mr. Paul Warner

"Words and bones may break my stones, but sticks will never hurt me!"-Ben

"Hey, my brand of cigarettes is that of the injun killin' womenous rapin' settlers of the old west. The only thing more genuinely manly is two men having sex." -Frank (aka "Yoh-kun" aka "original Frank" aka "Coke")

"Necropheliac prince > lesbians" --Kasumi_sora (On the subject of Kaori Yuki's wonderful Ludwig Kakumei)

"These bags of popcorn > you!" --ROFLcake

Great moments in Civilization II:
Scott: hmmm, I can reasearch Fuedalism, or Monotheism...oh what a choice... *breathes deeply* God or serfs....God or serfs....
The league of Extraordinary Programmers: GO FOR SERFS!!! GO FOR SERFS!!!!
Scott: Sorry God, but I'm just a Russian who likes my serfs! *clicks on 'feudalism'*

"Brains don't let friends' brains do drugs."-Mamono, on 'brain joints'

"You have been disemvoweled! From now on, you will speak only in consonants!" --Caroline ("the Fries")

"don't deck the halls! Walls have feelings too!!" -Mamono

"the older you get, the more you pick your nose"-a math teacher.

"Do I look like someone who would be happier holding a tambourine?" -Neil Gaiman

"Where are the snowdens of Yesteryear?" -Yossarian

"Your relationship with God is homoerotic." -VenusianEye on John Donne

"The guy that wrote the software I'm using:
...it's called JUDE (Something about UML development environment, blah blah) but in Japanese, the pronounciation is "judo." So after my first project was done, my professor was like, "Okay, are you familiar with judo? For your second project, you are going to use judo." And I was thinking, "WHAT KIND OF LABORATORY IS THIS?!" "--FoolishMortal, on her brilliant expedition--as an engineering student--to Japan

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the true tale behind my fantabulous crazy hair? mad scientists.

Also ties in with "S.P.A.T.T.E.R", the Society for the Protection of Troubled Teens with Evolutionary Regrets...

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I jsut don't like people to get raped as screaming ukes, and then like it. That's just nuts. Periodically I go into anti-rape rants. (If it's your fantasy, then say so when you write your terrible male-male fanfiction, thank you~)
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